Security Platform to counter next-generation cyber attacks

FireEye provides a security platform that delivers real time protection against advanced cyber security attacks, which cannot be countered with traditional signature-based and pattern-matching approaches. Founded in 2004, the company has successfully pioneered the use of a virtual machine-based, signature-less approach to provide real time protection against previously undiscovered or custom-engineered targeted attacks on enterprises and governments. FireEye has thousands of customers and generated $623m of revenue in fiscal 2015, a 46% increase over the prior year.

  1. 2013

    1. FireEye IPO

      FireEye IPO on Nasdaq

  2. 2011

    1. David Dewalt hired as CEO

  3. 2005

    1. Initial product launch

  4. 2004

    1. Gaurav leads initial financing of FireEye

  5. 2003

    1. FireEye founded and incubated in Sequoia's offices