1. Tracking Unicorns

    • Martin Giles
    • Charts

    Verizon’s $4.4 billion bid for AOL has put the spotlight back on public tech company valuations. But more startups are joining the ranks of “unicorns”, or private tech firms that have been valued at $…

    Tracking Unicorns
  2. A Tale of Two Cycles

    • Peter Wagner
    • Charts

    We work in a cyclical business. The Innovation Cycle and Capital Markets Cycle are both critical factors in creating a great company. It is essential for founders to understand the difference between …

    A Tale of Two Cycles
  3. The GoDaddy Story

    In 2011 GoDaddy was at an inflection point. Small businesses were changing the way that they got online.

  4. Commoditization Accelerants: Three Examples

    • Peter Wagner
    • Charts

    In “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Commoditization”, Peter Wagner introduces the concept of the “commoditization accelerant”. Here are three examples.…

    Commoditization Accelerants: Three Examples