1. Commoditization Accelerants: Three Examples

    • Peter Wagner
    • Charts

    In “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Commoditization”, Peter Wagner introduces the concept of the “commoditization accelerant”. Here are three examples.…

    Commoditization Accelerants: Three Examples
  2. The DMC Shift

    • Peter Wagner
    • Charts

    Looking at the history of our industry, we notice a pattern of transformations every 15 years or so. Each time, the number of computing devices within the new model increases by an order of magnitude…

    The DMC Shift
  3. The Cumulus Networks Story

    In 2011, I got a call from longtime friend and colleague Ed Bugnion, who wanted to introduce me to two guys working on a dangerous idea in data center networking – JR Rivers and Nolan Leake.

  4. The Opower Story

    Dan and Alex follow an independent path well outside the industry dogma - such orthogonal, cross-grain thinking stands behind the biggest entrepreneurial success stories.

  5. The Blue Jeans Story

    Krish Ramakrishnan has an uncanny ability to detect fuzzy, early market signals and turn them into clear-eyed strategy. Blue Jeans is the latest example.

  6. Jasper Wireless

    I first met Jahangir Mohammed, founder and CEO of Jasper in 2002 when he was the CEO of Kineto Wireless. I was struck by his clarity and audacity.