Harbor: Tokenized Private Equity

  • Episode 6

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Zach had a great chat with Joshua Stein, the CEO of Harbor, a company building a decentralized, blockchain-based protocol for issuing and trading securities. With a strong focus on legal compliance (Josh has worked for years as a lawyer), Harbor brings a legitimate solution to the future needs of private equity on the established Ethereum platform.

Here’s what Josh had to share with us:

There’s a market opportunity for compliance-focused tokenized securities

While Harbor has a few competitors, Josh stresses how integral legal compliance is to the company’s offer. When lots of money is at stake, it’s important to ensure that all transactions are above board. Harbor aims to bring that quality to decentralized securities trading.

Decentralization opens up international possibilities

Other blockchain-based efforts in this space aggressively tie investors and traders to a platform and jurisdiction. Harbor plans on building compliance across multiple jurisdictions, allowing for greater liquidity and a larger pool of investors for your project.

Faster, cheaper, and easier

Real estate investment trusts can be great vehicles for growing wealth but there are limitations to what you can do with them, and take a long time to get involved with. WIth tokenized securities, you have a greater ability to chop up equity interests, and can get a stake much more easily.

Key takeaways:

  • Compliance-focused tokenized securities are the future
  • Build decentralized platforms to capture a greater market, and
  • Low-friction transactions are always a great sell
  • Host

    Zach DeWitt

  • Guests

    Joshua Stein


  • Date

    July 3, 2018

  • Duration

    37 minutes