1. Wing Welcomes Sunil Chokshi

    Wing Welcomes Sunil Chokshi

    Gaurav Garg

    All of us at Wing are incredibly excited to welcome Sunil Chokshi as our Talent Partner. In this role, Sunil will proactively develop and support key talent relationships across a variety of functional areas, with the goal of helping our early-stage portfolio companies scale.

  2. Wing Welcomes Rajeev Chand

    Wing Welcomes Rajeev Chand

    Gaurav Garg

    We are thrilled to welcome Rajeev Chand, long-time friend of Wing, as our Partner and Head of Research. At Wing, Rajeev will drive Wing’s thought leadership, connections, and visibility. He will conduct and present proprietary research, host exclusive summits and meetings, and build and manage a differentiated founder and executive network.

  3. Wing's IoT Startup State Of The Union

    Wing's IoT Startup State Of The Union

    Gaurav Garg

    Each year Wing surveys the IoT landscape through our IoT Startup State of the Union. We do this to understand what is happening beyond the headlines.

  4. Announcing Wing's Investment In SlashNext

    Announcing Wing's Investment In SlashNext

    Gaurav Garg

    Existing cyber security products are failing to protect businesses against emerging threats. SlashNext's innovative technology catches attacks they miss.

  5. The Genomics Intelligence Revolution

    The Genomics Intelligence Revolution

    Gaurav Garg

    At Wing, we are hugely excited about the potential of advances in genomics and data science to produce innovative startups. In a recent article in TechCrunch, I and Mahni Ghorashi of Clear Labs explored the changes driving the Genomics Intelligence Revolution.

  6. Announcing Wing's Investment In Clear Labs

    Announcing Wing's Investment In Clear Labs

    Gaurav Garg

    Helping companies and governments to investigate and respond to food-related safety problems is a vital mission in today’s increasingly interconnected world. That’s why we’re delighted to announce our investment in Clear Labs, the world’s first food analytics platform for retailers and manufacturers.

  7. The Ruckus Wireless Story

    The Ruckus Wireless Story

    Gaurav Garg

    The proposed acquisition of Ruckus Wireless by Brocade is a personal milestone for me. Ruckus is the second time I've been a founder of a built-from-scratch, venture-funded public company.

  8. Jasper: An Incredible Journey

    Jasper: An Incredible Journey

    Gaurav Garg

    Cisco's proposed acquisition of Jasper is a significant milestone in the development of the Internet of Things. In this post, I look back on my 11 years working with an incredible company and an exceptional entrepreneur--and explain why Jasper is a great example of Wing's approach to working with startups.

  9. Bringing Order To Data Chaos: Why Wing Invested In Cohesity

    Bringing Order To Data Chaos: Why Wing Invested In Cohesity

    Gaurav Garg

    Mohit Aron, Cohesity's founder, is leading a firm that will transform the way in which companies manage, store and learn from their data. Wing first invested in Cohesity in 2013 and we are proud to be part of its latest financing round.

  10. The Instart Logic Story

    The Instart Logic Story

    Gaurav Garg

    Instart Logic tackles the challenges of application delivery in a world with exploding mobile usage and cloud applications. Here is how Wing became involved with the company.

  11. Series A Hall Of Fame

    Series A Hall Of Fame

    Gaurav Garg

    Early-stage presentations are not cookie-cutter productions; instead, they should reflect the passion and vision of the founders.

  12. Redback Networks

    Redback Networks

    Gaurav Garg

    Redback Networks Series A Presentation 1996

  13. Ruckus Wireless

    Ruckus Wireless

    Gaurav Garg

    Ruckus Wireless (Video54) Series A Presentation 2004