Atrium: Transparent Legal Services for Start-ups

Season 1 Episode 11
  • Host

    Zach DeWitt

  • Guests

    Justin Kan


  • Date

    February 18, 2020

  • Duration

    35 minutes

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There are many steps that go into building start-ups, with legal work being a huge component in the foundations of their success. As legal reaches more into the digital age, transparency with services and costs is needed, especially for these types of brands. Atrium, a tech-enabled law firm for high growth companies, is providing that need. Founded by serial entrepreneur Justin Kan, Atrium is in the hands of a CEO who has a history of successful start-ups.

Atrium helps bring legal services into the modern age

Atrium not only offers lawyers that provide legal services and expert advising but also innovates around the start-up process. The company finds what can be automated, like sales, marketing or technology components, so the attorneys can focus on higher leverage tasks and advise clients.

Kan chose to work with start-ups because of his history with them

Kan’s serial entrepreneurship has allowed him to accomplish some big wins and also learn from his losses. Prior to Atrium, he was the co-founder of Twitch, a live gaming platform Amazon acquired for $1B. Not only does his voice resonate with start-ups, but as these start-ups grow, his company can also grow with them.

Customers receive a different experience with Atrium compared to big law firms

Atrium offers a different talent and client experience. They provide a transparent and predictable monthly subscription instead of project-based billing, so start-ups aren’t met with fluctuating prices each month. They also help automate and move as many tasks online as possible, leaving time for more important and creative jobs.

Listeners interested in learning more about Atrium can follow its Twitter page, @atrium. Listeners can also follow Kan on Twitter, @justinkan, where he shares many honest and personal insights into what it takes to be a serial entrepreneur.

Key takeaways:

  • Atrium is building a tech-enabled law firm that is initially serving start-ups but has even larger ambitions
  • One of the many ways Atrium is improving the legal experience is by switching to predictable monthly subscriptions as opposed to lumpy, project-based billing
  • Atrium already has hundreds of clients including the scooter company, Bird, our former InnovAItors podcast guest, Sift, and direct consumer contact lens business, Simple Contacts

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