Introducing InnovAItors

Episode 1
  • Host

    Zach DeWitt

  • Date

    March 12, 2019

  • Duration

    1 minutes

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Join host Zach DeWitt as we highlight some of the most exciting and promising companies that are applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better serve their business customers. AI is a massive force that will reshape our business economy in profound ways.Hear firsthand from CEOs and developers on how they are using applied AI to build innovative and category-defining companies. Consumer-facing application that are powered by AI are well documented like ordering pizza from your Amazon Alexa or Netflix recommending you a new show, but in this series we will feature the next generation of B2B companies that are using AI in innovative ways. This podcast is produced by Wing Venture Capital (aka “Wing”), a Silicon Valley-based early stage venture capital firm. New episodes are released every three weeks. Visit for more details. You can email Zach at or reach him on Twitter @zacharydewitt

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