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  1. Season 1
    Episode 5
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    Textio: Augmented Writing

    How many hours have you spent this week writing for your job? The average American worker spends upwards of 15 hours each week on email, and that’s just one kin…

  2. Season 1
    Episode 26
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    Grin: Global Digital Cash

    What if there was a way retain total privacy with your digital transactions? Today’s guest is Daniel Lehnberg, a core developer for Grin, an exciting new crypt…

  3. Season 1
    Episode 24
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    Tagomi: Crypto Prime Brokerage

    Executing large orders of digital assets is really difficult. Tagomi makes it simple by combining institutional grade services with superior execution technolog…

  4. Episode 1
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    Introducing InnovAItors

    Join host Zach DeWitt as we highlight some of the most exciting and promising companies that are applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better serve their bus…

  5. Season 1
    Episode 16
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    Figure: Home Equity on the Blockchain

    Mike Cagney, co-founder and CEO of Figure, is applying blockchain technology to traditional financial services in compelling new ways. Listen to learn how Figu…

  6. Season 1
    Episode 14
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    Ledger: Secure Hardware Wallets

    What are the advantages of using a hardware wallet to secure your crypto assets? Thomas France, co-founder of Ledger, wants to make it easy for average users--a…

  7. Season 1
    Episode 7
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    Radar Relay: Reliable Token Trading

    Zach had a refreshing chat with Alan Curtis, the CEO and co-founder of Radar Relay, a peer-to-peer trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens built on the 0x pr…

  8. Season 1
    Episode 6
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    Harbor: Tokenized Private Equity

    Zach had a great chat with Joshua Stein, the CEO of Harbor, a company building a decentralized, blockchain-based protocol for issuing and trading securities. Wi…

  9. Season 1
    Episode 4
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    Dharma: Tokenized Debt Agreements

    Zach had a great chat with Nadav Hollander, the founder of Dharma, a generic protocol for tokenized debt agreements. It’s pretty exciting stuff. For a long time…

  10. Season 1
    Episode 1
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    Quantstamp: Securing Smart Contracts

    Richard Ma and Don Ho from Quantstamp joined Zach DeWitt to discuss scalable smart contract security auditing. A recent admit into Y Combinator’s Winter 2018 ba…