Gauntlet and Computable Labs: Blockchain Simulation and Fair Data

Season 1 Episode 25
  • Host

    Zach DeWitt

  • Guests

    Bharath Ramsundar

    Computable Labs

    John Morrow


  • Date

    June 25, 2019

  • Duration

    39 minutes

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What is blockchain simulation?

When launching a public blockchain, it’s essential to think through and understand the incentives, behavioral economics, and crypto economics prior to going live, and the most accurate way of doing that is through simulation.

On this special episode, we’re joined by both Gauntlet and Computable Labs to discuss what both companies are doing in the space and how they’re working together.

Gauntlet - Blockchain Testing, Analysis, and Simulation

Decentralized governance is difficult. Once something is live on the mainnet, large scale changes become difficult if not impossible to make, so developers need to think through the incentives, behavioral economics, and crypto economics before the actual launch.

Gauntlet is a platform for blockchain testing, analysis, and simulation. They want to help teams iterate faster in the crypto space and for consumers and users of these platforms to have increased confidence in these protocols.

“Statistical modeling can help you understand where your system breaks down and allow you to test possible fixes,” says John Morrow, Head of Product at Gauntlet. “We want to be a trusted partner throughout the development lifecycle to help people build these decentralized systems.”

Computable Labs - Fair Data

“Right now, we have this essential surveillance economy,” says Bharath Ramsundar, Co-Founder & CTO at Computable Labs. “People are stripped and exploited to gather data. They don’t see any fair rewards for it.”

What Computable Labs wants to do is help reverse and control this process, making it more fair for everyone who participates.

The first and critical guarantee for the protocol is giving users the ability to delete data, and the second critical guarantee is ownership. The Computable Labs team believes that all participants should have a voice.

Working Together

Computable Labs is working through design iterations and progressively getting closer to being ready to launch. Working with Gauntlet has facilitated this process and allowed them to really drill down and test what the protocol feels like.

“It’s been awesome working with the Gauntlet team,” says Bharath. “Simulation and having an actual instability emerge organically from the analysis has really been insightful for us.”

Key takeaways:

  • Decentralized systems create new challenges for protocol developers, smart contract developers, and asset holders that are not seen in traditional development and investing. Gauntlet is building a blockchain simulation and testing platform that leverages battle-tested techniques from other industries to emulate interactions in crypto networks.
  • At Computable Labs they are building an open source technology to make it not just possible, but also profitable to trade and exchange data.

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