Ledger: Secure Hardware Wallets

Season 1 Episode 14
  • Host

    Zach DeWitt

  • Guests

    Thomas France


  • Date

    October 23, 2018

  • Duration

    36 minutes

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What are the advantages of using a hardware wallet to secure your crypto assets?

Thomas France, co-founder of Ledger, wants to make it easy for average users--as well as power users--to safely generate and manage their keys offline in a secure environment.

Listen as Thomas explains the simple steps to using Ledger and why it’s the most popular hardware wallet in the world, with over one million devices sold across 65 countries.

Why choose a hardware wallet?

With hot wallets and cold wallets the pros and cons are really about the spectrum between usability and security.

A hot wallet is anything in which your keys are exposed to the network, and a cold wallet is one in which the keys are never exposed to the network. Hot wallets are usually much more accessible and easy to use than cold wallets, which are of course typically much more secure.

The hardware wallet is an external device that is solely dedicated to managing your keys that you can integrate with different types of software wallets, which makes it a good compromise on the spectrum between usability and security.

Ledger is the most popular hardware wallet in the world

Although in the beginning Ledger was very Bitcoin-oriented, it now supports over a hundred cryptocurrencies. Having sold over one million devices worldwide across 65 countries, Ledger is the most popular hardware wallet on the market.

The market is growing, and many new wallets have their own specificities. Ledger recognizes the potential of working with these other wallets as partners rather than competitors. There are many specified wallets with whom they can integrate to ensure the private key management can be done on Ledger.

Ledger has options for both retail and enterprise users

Ledger’s mission is to supply a secure and easy-to-use solution for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and their newest products, Ledger Live and Ledger Vault, are making crypto asset management easier for a wider variety of users.

Ledger Live is a software wallet, acting as the main interface for retail users to manage their crypto assets in an easy and friendly way, giving users the ability to import multiple accounts for multiple cryptocurrencies in offline mode.

Ledger Vault is an enterprise grade cold storage solution that allows users to generate keys securely and create governance and spending policies to meet specific business security and flexibility needs.

Key takeaways:

  • It is important to understand our self-custody options when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and a hardware wallet is a popular option
  • Ledger is a leading hardware wallet that has sold over a million wallets
  • Ledger has recently launched new product lines including its consumer Ledger Live product and its more enterprise focused Ledger Vault product

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