Tagomi: Crypto Prime Brokerage

Season 1 Episode 24
  • Host

    Zach DeWitt

  • Guests

    Marc Bhargava


    Kevin Johnson


  • Date

    May 14, 2019

  • Duration

    34 minutes

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Executing large orders of digital assets is really difficult. Tagomi makes it simple by combining institutional grade services with superior execution technology for digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Join us as we chat with Marc and Kevin from Tagomi to learn how their products provide operational ease and reduce trading costs for institutional investors.

Electronic agency brokerage in the digital asset space

Tagomi connects to multiple liquidity sources and allows clients to place larger and more sophisticated trades using multiple liquidity sources. They also automate the settlement and clearing piece working with partner banks and allowing clients to deposit and custody with them as well, using integrated third parties.

Tagomi is never on the other side of the bet, and they have the ability to do everything in the client’s interest and be fully aligned. Part of their transparency is generating post-trade reports, showing clients how trades are executed.

Tagomi and the crypto landscape

Tagomi is a big part of the progress that’s being made and is building important infrastructure for crypto to mature and professionalize into an institutional asset class.

They are innovating the space with the ability to do things electronically as well as on an agency basis, providing a brokerage solution that can really bring together the trade execution, settlement, and custody pieces.

The exciting roadmap for Tagomi

For the future, Tagomi will be looking to add more tokens and cover more exchanges to increase the liquidity they have access to, offering the full suite of financing activities you would see with a traditional prime brokerage.

Their goal is to add more features while providing the same kind of seamless experience that people have with them today, and they’re working very hard to give clients the kinds of participation they expect to have with their assets.

Key takeaways:

  • Executing large orders of digital assets is really hard and Tagomi makes it simple by automating best execution and settlement;
  • For crypto to mature into a credible asset class, infrastructure like Tagomi is critical to making trading, settlement, and custody more professional and institutional;
  • Tagomi has an exciting product roadmap, including adding more tokens to the platform, integrating more exchanges, and adding more financial features like shorting and staking.

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