Special Announcement

The Wing Manifesto: Welcome To Wing Two

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new fund, Wing Two, which will enable us to partner with more exceptional entrepreneurs creating companies that matter. The new fund is the next stage in Wing's evolution as the best-of-breed venture capital firm devoted to early-stage, long-term company building in business technology. In a blog post that can be accessed by clicking on the button below, Peter Wagner, one of our co-founders, provides more details on Wing Two, and highlights our distinctive approach to engaging with our portfolio companies.

The Power of Purpose

The wing is a simple, beautiful machine. Pure of purpose, powerful in performance. We started from scratch to pursue our single purpose: helping build dominant leaders in business technology markets.

A Paradigm Shift is Underway

Businesses of all sizes are embracing Data, Mobile and Cloud. These forces arose independently but have now joined forces to form the next big Business Technology platform. The DMC paradigm shift is just beginning and is reshaping every corner of IT.

Companies That Matter

In two decades, we have founded companies and advised others as board member as well as lead investor. In total we have substantially touched 16 publicly traded companies each in excess of $1 billion in market capitalization.

Wing Perspectives