1. A Q&A with Steve Polsky, Founder and CEO of Juvo

    • Martin Giles

    Since emerging from stealth in September 2016, Juvo has been on an impressive growth trajectory. The company, whose mission is to establish financial identities for the billions of people worldwide who are creditworthy yet financially excluded, has increased the number of mobile subscribers it reaches via partnerships with mobile operators from 100M to 500M across 25 countries and four continents.

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  2. The Juvo Identity

    • Peter Wagner

    Identity is touted as a virtual skeleton key, the solution to all problems, ranging from cybersecurity to digital marketing.  My usual instinct when presented with such sweeping claims is “shields up”. But with identity, there is much justification for the hyperbole. Rich identity unlocks timeless factors like trust and relevance, fundamentals that bring ground truth to the digital world.

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