1. Wing Summit on Security

    Wing Summit on Security

    Rajeev Chand

    Wing is pleased to announce the Wing Summit on Security, taking place on March 4, 2019 at the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco. The Wing Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only meeting for senior corporate executives and prominent entrepreneurs to discuss and debate what’s next. The summit includes interactive content discussions and high-quality networking in an intimate, off-the-record setting.

  2. Wing Academy—What a Great CFO Does for a Startup

    Wing Academy—What a Great CFO Does for a Startup

    Rajeev Chand

    The Wing Academy is an exclusive, invitation-only series for startup Founders and CEOs to learn on domain topics of critical importance to company-building. The Academy features a curriculum taught by leading entrepreneurs in Business Tech and delivered through a combination of frameworks, data sets, case studies, and interactive dialogue.

  3. Wing Welcomes Rajeev Chand

    Wing Welcomes Rajeev Chand

    Gaurav Garg

    We are thrilled to welcome Rajeev Chand, long-time friend of Wing, as our Partner and Head of Research. At Wing, Rajeev will drive Wing’s thought leadership, connections, and visibility. He will conduct and present proprietary research, host exclusive summits and meetings, and build and manage a differentiated founder and executive network.

  4. Wing Welcomes Sunil Chokshi

    Wing Welcomes Sunil Chokshi

    Gaurav Garg

    All of us at Wing are incredibly excited to welcome Sunil Chokshi as our Talent Partner. In this role, Sunil will proactively develop and support key talent relationships across a variety of functional areas, with the goal of helping our early-stage portfolio companies scale.

  5. Wing Private Dinner – The CEO Vault

    Wing Private Dinner – The CEO Vault

    Rajeev Chand

    Over the past two months, Wing hosted the first two in its private dinner series specifically for tech CEOs. The dinner series is called “The CEO Vault” and is limited to 6 private company CEOs each.

  6. Wing Welcomes Jake Flomenberg

    Wing Welcomes Jake Flomenberg

    Peter Wagner

    Jake is an unusual talent, and has that rare combination of insight, judgment, operating skill, the learning mindset and deep partnering ability that we have found to be essential in early stage venture capital.

  7. Crypto Sentiment Survey (April 2018)

    Crypto Sentiment Survey (April 2018)

    Zach DeWitt

    I surveyed 51 people who live and breathe crypto. The goal of the survey was to better understand the near-term market sentiment from people on the front lines.

  8. Wing's IoT Startup State Of The Union

    Wing's IoT Startup State Of The Union

    Gaurav Garg

    Each year Wing surveys the IoT landscape through our IoT Startup State of the Union. We do this to understand what is happening beyond the headlines.

  9. Blockchain 101 by Wing Venture Capital

    Blockchain 101 by Wing Venture Capital

    Zach DeWitt

    2017 witnessed a Cambrian explosion of new cryptoasset projects and a commensurate interest in the space by entrepreneurs, investors, institutions and governments.

  10. You Don’t Find Product-Market Fit, It Finds You

    You Don’t Find Product-Market Fit, It Finds You

    Jay Kidd

    There are varied definitions of the term “Product-Market Fit” but all of them refer to a condition where a company has built a popular product that profitably serves an attractive market. But what makes a product popular? What makes a market attractive?

  11. A Q&A with Steve Polsky, Founder and CEO of Juvo

    A Q&A with Steve Polsky, Founder and CEO of Juvo

    Martin Giles

    Since emerging from stealth in September 2016, Juvo has been on an impressive growth trajectory. The company has increased the number of mobile subscribers it reaches via partnerships with mobile operators from 100M to 500M across 25 countries and four continents.